Revolutionizing automotive content production.

How video content moves the automotive industry forward.

Narratives that inform and inspire.

The auto industry has always been about dreaming. Crafting a story that emotionally engages the audience and illustrates what makes your brand unique. We advise and collaborate on the script to connect, inspire, and empower viewers to take action.

Attract attention from media and buyers.

New technology is driving the auto industry forward. That's why brands and agencies bring us on to elevate their live action and visualization content. We partner with marketing teams to produce impactful anthems, explaining new technology, innovation, corporate communications, and product launch videos.

A team with expertise and experience.

We view our team as an extension of yours. You get the most experienced directors, producers, DPs, CDs, editors, and artists in the industry working directly with you and your marketing team or agency. Our teams have been a valuable partner to our clients, and understand today's wide range of today's vehicles and technologies.

Visualizing new technology as marketable content.

Share with the world your innovations and vision. Whether you're at the early stages of new technology or it's been years in the making, launch your content with confidence reaching new levels for your marketing and sales teams.

Join the world’s most revolutionary companies.

Daimler Truck North America

Live action company anthems & technical animation videos

From epic brand anthems to technical visualizations, we’ve been producing content for Daimler for over a decade. We’ve partnered to film and post-produce videos across DTNA’s portfolio, including autonomous, electric, and gas-powered vehicles.

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Amsted Automotive

Means Industries’ “Born to Move”

Partnering directly with Amsted Automotive, we visualized their future of propulsion. From scripting to post-production, our team collaborated with marketing to produce an innovation video and visualize their product technologies.

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Our automotive expertise includes:

  • Capturing running footage
  • Camera car systems
  • Heavy and light drone
  • Multi-cam teams
  • Lidar systems
  • Autonomous and EVs
  • Capturing stress tests
  • Test tracks
  • Manufacturing
  • Hero vehicle lineups
  • Interiors & features
  • Quarries, bridges, in-city
  • Pre-pro planning
  • Location scouting
  • Travel & permits
  • Driver management
  • Filming leadership
  • Virtual production
  • Handling hefty CADs
  • CGI Vehicle visualization
  • Post Editorial
  • DaVinci color
  • Motion graphics & VFX
  • Sound design

Visualize the future of automotive with Deep Sky.

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