Deep Thinkers. Deft Doers.

Magic Pursuers.

The world of tomorrow belongs to those brave enough to create it.  

For nearly two decades we’ve propelled our clients to new heights with industry-leading animation, motion graphics, product visualization, and live-action production.  

As explorers at our core, we make it our mission to visualize the indescribable, materialize the unimagined, and boldly voyage into the unknown. Because in our experience, potential isn’t something you find. It’s something you create.  

So, climb aboard, and venture beyond your limits.

Core Creatives

Jared Hobbs - Executive Director / Founder
Jared Hobbs

Executive Director / Founder

Barret Thomson - Creative Director
Barret Thomson

Creative Director

James Horn

Executive Creative Producer

Sara Hertel

Finance Director

Seth Chaffee - Head of Creative Strategy & Immersive Production
Seth Chaffee

Head of Production & Narrative Strategy

Max Richards - Head of Marketing & Business Development
Max Richards

Head of Marketing & Business Development

Elliott Bynum

3D Technical Director

Esli Becerra

Senior VFX Wizard

Jack Ellis

Senior Project Manager

Gaby West

Art Director

Daniel Bueno

Senior Motion Designer

Blake Boxer


Darcy Feinstein

Senior Producer

Hector Reyes

Creative Director + 3D Project Manager

Kevin Atkins

Senior Modeler & Texture Artist

Jordan Heard

Lead 3D Animator

Adam DiTerlizzi

2D Animator

Wes Meeks

Senior Motion Generalist

Matthew Seely

2D Animator

Brett White

Video / Audio Editor

Milan Erceg

Senior Motion Designer & Director

Israel Arias

Motion Designer

Tyler Benjamin

Motion Graphic Artist

Courtney Courier

Marketing Coordinator

Adrian Parat

Motion Graphics Artist

Finn Sylwester

Motion Artist & Illustrator

Sean Phoenix Menson

3D Animator

Maddie Loftesnes

Production Coordinator

Bryan Thompson

Creative Lead

Carl Ssssagan

Sssssspace Ssspecialist

Huber Who


Albert Eggstein

Egg Pun Specialist

Emmy Award Winner

Our Clients