Deep Sky hosts AEPDX's Event

Featuring LAIKA's VFX Supervisor Steve Emerson

LAIKA's VFX Supervisor Steve Emerson will explore Portland’s rich history and bright future in stop motion animation, and how CG effects will continue to fuel the success of the iconic style.

Written by Max Richards
May 15, 2023

Portland and stop motion animation have become synonymous thanks to the success of LAIKA’s Missing Link, Shadowmachine’s Pinocchio, Netflix’s Wendell & Wild, and a long history of other feature films, short films, and commercials. While the hand-crafted production method has deep roots here, Portland has also provided the opportunity for innovation. Productions ranging from Hollywood films to short-form brand commercials integrate CG animation and VFX into stop motion pipelines to greatly expand the storytelling capabilities of the beloved art form.

Join us on Thursday May 25th at the Autodesk offices in SE Portland for a discussion with Steve Emerson, VFX Supervisor at LAIKA. He will debunk the myth that these are siloed production styles, and will explain how the continuing integration of them have earned recognition for Portland around the world, while growing a stronger community right here at home. Before and after the presentations, meet and mingle with others in the Portland animation and design community. Food and beverages will be provided.

AEPDX is hosted by Deep Sky, and sponsored by Autodesk and Toolfarm.

4:30 PM - Doors Open
6:00 PM - Opening Remarks from AEPDX
6:15 PM - Presenter: Steve Emerson, VFX Supervisor at LAIKA
7:15 PM - Presenter Q&A
7:45 PM - Presentation concludes
9:00 PM - Doors close

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