Animation Breakdown - Big Wild's "OMGarden" Music Video - Master

How Deep Sky created the hit animated music video

Deep Sky teamed up with the band Big Wild to create the music video for "OMGarden". The production process to create this video was incredibly unique, from the band's initial inspiration for the story to the usage of the video in their live shows.

Deep Sky developed a blended 2D/3D production pipeline and visual style, with 2D characters living within an immersive 3D world. These styles cohesively co-existed to create the euphoric atmosphere of Mopsy the rabbit and his adventure.

Originally released as the single's music video on YouTube, it also plays during Big Wild's live shows on their tour for the album The Efferusphere, seen by audiences in Portland, Los Angeles, Red Rocks, and more.

Written by Barret Thomson and Adam DiTerlizzi
April 17, 2023

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