Seamlessly integrating live action and visual effects - keep your full production pipeline under one roof

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Seamlessly integrating live action and visual effects - keep your full production pipeline under one roof. From pre-production planning to filming, editing, color grading, and audio - our ability to produce live action with animation and visual effects is proven and scalable.

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Our Process


Telling the story you imagine, specially crafted for video

A good script is the basis of every good project. Our producers work with you to refine your script and outline to successfully convey your message.

  • Story outline
  • Narrative structure
  • Shot planning

Pre-Production Planning

Creating the framework for success

Our pre-production planning process is second-to-none. From location scouting to storyboarding to auditions and shot pre-visualization, we deliver you a detailed production schedule so you know when we’re doing what and why. In other words, no surprises.

  • Storyboarding
  • Location Scouting
  • Shot pre-visualization

Film Production

World-class production

Our experienced team of on-set producers, directors, and crew handle shoot days with ease. While there are always variables in physical production, our team understands how to handle any changes on the fly.

  • Full crew on set
  • Access to world-class equipment
  • Shoot anywhere in the Pacific Northwest


Conveying your message clearly and efficiently

Our directors, producers, and editors organize the footage captured during production and cut it together according to the script and outline. Live reviews are held regularly to incorporate your feedback.

  • Rough, fine, and locked cuts
  • Regularly scheduled live reviews
  • Integrating your feedback

Visual Effects

Enhancing and fine-tuning the shot

Our team of VFX artists make magic happen, literally. Whether it’s rig removal, CGI simulation, or character animation, they are experts in seamlessly integrating CGI elements into footage of all kinds.

  • Rig removal
  • CGI simulation
  • Character animation

Post Production & Audio

The final touches

Once color grading is complete, we add the final voice over, music, and sound effects. Lastly, we do a final mix to optimize consistency across all levels.

  • Color grading
  • Voice over and sound effects
  • Final sound mix
Our Process

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