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3D Animation & Motion Capture Services

Whether you want to create lifelike humans or monsters from the depths of space, you’ve come to the right place. Starting with character development, we design a character model that is tailored exactly to your project, no matter how realistic or out-of-this-world. We prep that model for animation by modeling and rigging the character, in addition to adding textures and re-topo.

Motion capture is one of the most efficient ways to bring your 3D character to life. Our cutting-edge Xsens inertial motion capture system allows us to capture body movements at any location without the need for cameras and lighting. Within minutes we can be set-up and ready to collaborate with our talent(s), indoors or outdoors. It's our go-to solution for gaming, TV & film, and music video projects. Whether you need a studio environment to capture actors or require and on-set solution for any location, we’ve got you covered!

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The 3D modeling portion of the project takes ideas from concept to reality. This first and very crucial step is where your idea evolves into a sculpted character. At the basis of every great animation are smartly-constructed 3D models.

Texture & Paint

Texturing is the step in the process where we add things like color, reflectivity, and shininess to the sculpted model. Starting with a plain 3D model, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art software to give it life through the application of photo-realistic elements.


In one of the final steps before animation, ‘rigging’ allows your character to move as intended.

Once we’ve rigged the characters in your 3D scene, we then have complete control over the movement of each object to create either realistic or stylized animations. Following modeling, texturing, and painting, this step finalizes the pre-animation process.

Hair & Fur

An extra layer of realism can be brought to a character through the detailed application of hair and fur. Each individual hair strand is simulated to behave exactly how real hair and fur would. This seemingly small detail often is the difference between uncanny and realistic.

Motion Capture & Animation

By utilizing the controls that we set up during the rigging phase, we are now able to animate and make your character move. Whether using traditional CGI animation or our cutting-edge motion capture system, your character’s actions will be realistic and emotive. Quality pre-animation setup is crucial to creating seamless animations.

Lighting & Compositing

The final step in the process is bringing all elements of the process together. We set your character into the final shot or environment, then add lighting, shading, and recoloring to make the shot cohesive.

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