What Does a Sustainable Future Look Like?

Ted-Ed animated explainer video explores creating a sustainable and just future

Utilizing engaging graphics, the animated TedEd video, “How Much Land Does It Take To Power The World?” reveals the considerable space required for renewable energy.

This first installment of the series dives into the obstacles of sustainability, providing an in-depth educational experience, navigating the complexities of avoiding a climate disaster and fostering a sustainable future.

By Courier Courier
June 29, 2023

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Inspired by his book "How To Avoid A Climate Disaster", Bill Gates asks the question, “What does a sustainable future look like?” With each new renewable energy breakthrough, there comes an overlooked cost: Space. 

In this engaging TedEd motion graphics explainer video, we see the vast amount of space needed to sustain the future using key resources such as coal, nuclear power, solar, and wind. TedEd continues to explore our biggest obstacles in creating a sustainable future in an engaging 7-video series. The series educates viewers where we continue to learn more about the complex road ahead in avoiding a climate disaster, a source of hope for a sustainable future.

“Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.”
– Bill Gates

We at Deep Sky believe in a sustainable and just future for all. A source of hope for a sustainable future is expressed through video, art, and visual representation, we can continue to educate and create conversations surrounding climate change, as well as other important issues.

At Deep Sky, we’re continually imagining what a sustainable and just future looks like. From electric vehicles to battery storage systems to fusion reactors, these innovations all inspire big conversations often filled with positives and negatives. 

But the cost to not imagine a world with these technologies is too high. We’re proud to partner with the world’s most revolutionary companies to create a source of hope for a sustainable future.

Directed by Lisa LaBracio. Animation and art direction by Kevin Herrmann, AIM Creative Studios.

In partnership with Bill Gates, inspired by his book "How To Avoid A Climate Disaster".

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