Using Motion Capture in 3D Animation Pipelines - Part 1

Written by Sean Phoenix Menson and Jordan Heard
March 13, 2023

The big picture

You may associate motion capture with some of Hollywood’s biggest and most expensive films, like Avatar, Planet of the Apes, or Lord of the Rings. We’ve all seen videos of Andy Serkis with tracking dot markings all over his face or actors wearing an intricate arrangement of ping-pong-like spheres all over their bodies, motion capture can be a cost-efficient production tool used on smaller or indie projects. 

Motion capture technology is being used to create expressive and lifelike 3D animated characters across films, TV shows, games, commercials, social media, and more. As the capabilities of the technology grow, the usability and accessibility of it has grown as well, and it may be an invaluable tool for your next project.

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