Unleash the Power of Explainer Videos Pt 6

Coming off a big rebrand, CrowdStreet linked up with us at Deep Sky aiming for a top-notch explainer video. They wanted to show off their updated messaging and sleek new branding, and we were up for the challenge. CrowdStreet is unique because they offer commercial real estate opportunities that were usually only for institutions. We were tasked to design a sales tool that could get the individual investor excited.

We were inspired by their theme "Framing the Future," and creatively used lines, frames, and space to create 2D interpretations of 3D objects. This approach meshed perfectly with CrowdStreet's minimalist, modern art deco style. Abstract lines and patterns simplified complex ideas, framed doorways symbolized new opportunities, and smooth transitions reassured investors about the ease of investing with CrowdStreet. The outcome? An impactful video that resonated with individual investors, driving engagement and confidence in CrowdStreet's rebranded platform.

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