The Evergreen Advantage Of Video

The Multifaceted Asset For Marketing, Social Media, And Branding

Video; the asset that keeps on giving. With video, your project becomes a treasure trove of marketing resources, builds trust, and creates a call to action. This extends beyond a single video production; it's about crafting a series of dynamic, captivating assets that continuously engage your target audience, build brand recognition, and keep your marketing strategy vibrant and fresh.

By Courtney Courier
July 21, 2023

Want To Hear More?

Want To Hear More?

Video content marketing, particularly animated videos, have emerged as a potent marketing tactic for social media, and branding. Animation possesses a unique blend of creativity and versatility, that simplifies, while sharing, your message.

But how does one animation project tick all the boxes of your branding needs?

A video, animated or live action, can be transformed and used in various content pieces. Marketing, social media, branding assets, GIFs, or stills can be dispersed across social media, email campaigns, or blogs. This repurposing strategy extends the life cycle of your project, maintaining audience engagement with a steady, branded stream of innovative content.

Additionally, animation components – characters, backgrounds, props, and shape languages – become central elements of your brand identity. These assets can be included on your website or promotional materials. They forge a robust visual bond with your audience, enhancing brand recognition. Deep Sky has a long-standing collaboration with brands like Ironclad and USNC, where we've solved their pain points and directly created a distinct look and feel to enhance their brand on multiple internal and external platforms.

The animation script can also transition into informative articles, messaging, or infographics, creating additional high-value content. This not only captivates your audience on social media platforms, but also bolsters your SEO efforts. 

Animation is far from a one-off venture. It’s an investment that continues to provide returns well after the final scene. At Deep Sky, we are more than just an animation studio. We are your partners in turning one animation project into a multifaceted asset and are here to help you extend the life cycle of your project. We look forward to creating an asset that continues to yield returns long after the credits roll.

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