Pretty In Pixels: The On and Off Screen Fashion Revolution Part 2

In the realm of CGI fashion, there's no limit to what can be achieved. These digital fashion icons can sport the most avant-garde outfits, adopt ever-changing appearances, and even break the physical laws that constrain human models. With such limitless possibilities, they are fast becoming the new faces of fashion influence.

This shift is evidenced by the rise of online fashion shows, including the Roblox Fashion Show and 2023 Metaverse Fashion Week, where over 60 brands, including big names like Coach, Adidas, DKNY, and Balenciaga, made their digital mark. Moreover, the trend is not confined to online; the opening of a physical storefront in New York City showcasing popular digital influencer and our creative collaborator, Superplastic, signaling a unique crossover between the digital and physical realms of fashion.

While we enter this new chapter where CGI characters are the latest influencers, the line between the digital and physical continues to blur. They represent not just a trend, but a revolution in fashion influence. Today’s digital artists are not just designing characters; they are creating influential personalities that stand at the forefront of the fashion industry. We can expect to see continued innovation, more diversity, and new ways of expressing style- on and off screens.

As we step onto the runway of digital fashion, we're here to help you create standout CGI influencers that reflect current trends. Our animation know-how, combined with your vision, can shift the fashion storytelling toward your brand, while also resonating with a changing, cat-walking audience.

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