Powering Fusion Energy Companies With Video Content Part 3

Case Study: Zap Energy

Utilizing video has proven instrumental for one of our inspiring collaborators, Zap Energy.

  • Successful Collaboration: Our collaboration with Zap Energy, a clean energy startup, resulted in videos that were instrumental in raising $160M in investment.
  • Unique Development: We developed a unique visual style and fit tailored to Zap Energy's brand guidelines and product development.
  • Vision Creation: Video production for fusion energy creates a detailed vision of future fusion energy use. By showcasing various environments, from large 3D modeled cities to rural and coastal infrastructure, video allows a necessary visual representation.
  • Asset Construction: We built 3D assets for each custom scene, with special attention to the scientific accuracy of their technology. In addition, we created particle and plasma simulations, which remain a core part of their current branding.
  • Interactive Delivery: We delivered a web-driven interactive website for Zap Energy. We communicated the impact of their product in a visually spectacular way to investors, media outlets, industry peers, and potential employees.
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