Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features Part 3 | Seth Chaffee

Emotional Depth Meets Technical Brilliance

Seth: “This is one of those simple questions that’s very hard to answer. On any given day my selection is going to depend on my mood. So, I’ll just jump in and say Into the 'Spiderverse' and 'How to Train Your Dragon'. 'Spiderverse', because it’s both technically and narratively brilliant. It blends an ethereal aesthetic with grounded and honest emotional storytelling, which is saying something considering one of its characters is a talking pig with spider powers. Next is 'How to Train Your Dragon', the first one. It’s a by-the-numbers hero's journey that manages to feel bigger than the sum of its parts - it’s about family, responsibility, friendship, and admitting when you’re wrong - all without feeling preachy. It’s fun, its music is perfect and makes me feel things, and it features heroes with disabilities. What’s not to love? And dragons are just super cool and I want one.”

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