Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features Part 1 | Matthew Seely

The Ultimate Crossover of Adventure, Family, & Classic '80s Vibe

Matthew: "For my double feature, I think I'd have to pair 1985's Back to the Future with 1986's Flight of the Navigator. As a young kid in the early-mid 90's both of these movies made a huge impression on me. They both feature your typical 80's kid protagonist who finds themselves ripped from their boring suburban lives and whisked away on a wild sci-fi adventure. 

Marty McFly is stuck in the past and David Freeman is stuck on an alien spaceship, both seemingly stranded in these unfamiliar environments. Through their adventures they find a new appreciation for the lives and families they left behind and must use their ingenuity, resourcefulness and courage to find their way back home. Both movies are full of adventure, heart, humor, and two healthy doses of cheesy 80's cool-kid attitude and style, and I'd gladly watch these classics back to back."

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