Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features

A Personal Deep Sky Perspective on the Art of the Back-To-Back Feature

The opening weekend of the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies had us thinking. What other dream double features could or should have been a “thing”? Curiosity got the best of us and we asked our avid movie lovers at Deep Sky to discuss their dream double feature scenarios. So, grab your popcorn as we explore the unforgettable charm of '80s sci-fi adventures, to feel good animated sure-to-become classics, Deep Sky has your next movie night sorted.

Join us as we explore diverse back-to-back feature choices with three Deep Sky film enthusiasts.

By Courtney Courier
July 28, 2023

Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features Part 1 | Matthew Seely

The Ultimate Crossover of Adventure, Family, & Classic '80s Vibe

Matthew: "For my double feature, I think I'd have to pair 1985's Back to the Future with 1986's Flight of the Navigator. As a young kid in the early-mid 90's both of these movies made a huge impression on me. They both feature your typical 80's kid protagonist who finds themselves ripped from their boring suburban lives and whisked away on a wild sci-fi adventure. 

Marty McFly is stuck in the past and David Freeman is stuck on an alien spaceship, both seemingly stranded in these unfamiliar environments. Through their adventures they find a new appreciation for the lives and families they left behind and must use their ingenuity, resourcefulness and courage to find their way back home. Both movies are full of adventure, heart, humor, and two healthy doses of cheesy 80's cool-kid attitude and style, and I'd gladly watch these classics back to back."

Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features Part 3 | Seth Chaffee

Emotional Depth Meets Technical Brilliance

Seth: “This is one of those simple questions that’s very hard to answer. On any given day my selection is going to depend on my mood. So, I’ll just jump in and say Into the 'Spiderverse' and 'How to Train Your Dragon'. 'Spiderverse', because it’s both technically and narratively brilliant. It blends an ethereal aesthetic with grounded and honest emotional storytelling, which is saying something considering one of its characters is a talking pig with spider powers. Next is 'How to Train Your Dragon', the first one. It’s a by-the-numbers hero's journey that manages to feel bigger than the sum of its parts - it’s about family, responsibility, friendship, and admitting when you’re wrong - all without feeling preachy. It’s fun, its music is perfect and makes me feel things, and it features heroes with disabilities. What’s not to love? And dragons are just super cool and I want one.”

Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features Part 2 | Adam Diterlizzi

'80s Sci-Fi Satire Showcase

Adam: “For my back to back features, I would choose the 1987 Robocop (not the remake) and They Live. Both movies are social commentaries about society in the 1980s with a tinge of satire. Granted these movies are from 20+ years ago, the messages and themes are still relevant today, probably more so. Also, both movies are kick ass 80s sci-fi/action films!”

Deep Sky’s Dream Blockbuster Double Features Part 4

Pass the Popcorn, Please!

'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer', being the latest break through double duo, proved a double feature doesn't have to live in the same time, or universe for that matter.

From a retrospective glance into the '80s, a journey through alternate dimensions and realities, to the heartwarming saga of a young Viking and his dragon - the possibilities are endless. So, as the credits roll on the 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' opening weekend, remember to keep your cinematic curiosity alive. After all, the best part about movie night is not knowing where the next feature will take you.

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