Building Your Vision with Visual Marketing Pt 2

May 26, 2023

Mini Case Study: Side Door | How It Works

Our team at Deep Sky worked alongside Side Door, a worldwide marketplace for music artists, hosts, and audiences, to craft a 2D animated video that effectively conveys why artists appreciate the platform for fan interaction and performance opportunities. Side Door has had the privilege of hosting concerts for renowned artists like Vance Joy and Madison McFerrin.

Our goal with the design was to encapsulate a sense of intimacy between artists, hosts, and audiences. We achieved this by creating painterly characters with a keen focus on their shapes and internal details. This technique allowed viewers to grasp the experience of using Side Door organically.

We utilized vibrant lighting effects and altered hues and saturation for clarity and emphasis throughout the narrative. This strategy enhanced the overall concert experience depicted in the home stages, demonstrating the critical role of visual marketing in promoting a brand's message and connecting with its audience.

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