Building Your Vision with Visual Marketing

Boost Your Brand Awareness and Business with Video

Video marketing, the "superhero cape" for businesses, has become an essential tool in today's digital world. Videos have become the irresistible force to engage, inform, and captivate audiences. The simple, yet, powerful step by incorporating videos into your marketing strategy can effectively capture clients attention, build brand loyalty, and drive business growth.

Deep sky is geared up as your side-kick to conquer the digital realm with the ultimate weapon in your marketing arsenal: videos!

Written by Courtney Courier
May 26, 2023

Building Your Vision with Visual Marketing Pt 1

Exploring Meaning Behind Video Marketing

At Deep Sky, we craft videos that blend compelling visuals and meaningful narratives to create an immersive experience for your clients. With an empathetic understanding of your audience, we aim to create human connections that resonate. We're not just your video marketers, we're partners in your journey.

When working with clients, we look at the following:

Engaging Storytelling: Videos provide an opportunity to tell your brand's story in a captivating and visually compelling way. By crafting a narrative that resonates with your target audience, you can create an emotional connection and leave a lasting impression. Engaging storytelling helps build brand awareness by making your branding video memorable and current.

  • Social Media Sharing: Videos are highly shareable content on social media platforms. The best approach to finding the right voice for your video is through the perspective of a Studio. A team of creative professionals know how to create a video that will gain brand awareness and encourage social media sharing.
  • Viral Potential: Videos have the potential to go viral, rapidly spreading across the internet and gaining massive exposure. Unique, creative, or humorous videos have a higher chance of becoming viral sensations. When videos go viral, they have the opportunity to engage more views.
  • Client Perspective: Including a personal touch into your videos, be it animated, live action, or any other form, is crucial. This is where the expertise of a studio comes into play, bringing that unique and personalized element to your projects. When customers get a clear understanding of what you offer, they're primed and ready to take action.

How a Studio can help achieve your goals:

  • A Diverse Perspective and Skillset: Studios provide collaboration with writers, directors, animators, and editors. This allows your vision to be fully explored by a team of dedicated professionals. Working collaboratively encourages fresh and innovative ideas, infusing your videos with a unique blend of creativity and originality.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: Through video marketing, one goal is to increase brand awareness. Including your logo, branding, and businesses vision, this gives your business video a consistent brand presence and video marketing campaign. A video's "super power" holds the potential to reach audiences otherwise outside of your brand's audience.
  • Up to Date With Current Trends: In addition, studios have access to advanced equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and a keen eye on industry trends. It is a Studios main objective to stay up to date with current trends in video and marketing. Their expertise adds a professional touch that captivates viewers and enhances your brand's image.

Building Your Vision with Visual Marketing Pt 2

Mini Case Study: Side Door | How It Works

Our team at Deep Sky worked alongside Side Door, a worldwide marketplace for music artists, hosts, and audiences, to craft a 2D animated video that effectively conveys why artists appreciate the platform for fan interaction and performance opportunities. Side Door has had the privilege of hosting concerts for renowned artists like Vance Joy and Madison McFerrin.

Our goal with the design was to encapsulate a sense of intimacy between artists, hosts, and audiences. We achieved this by creating painterly characters with a keen focus on their shapes and internal details. This technique allowed viewers to grasp the experience of using Side Door organically.

We utilized vibrant lighting effects and altered hues and saturation for clarity and emphasis throughout the narrative. This strategy enhanced the overall concert experience depicted in the home stages, demonstrating the critical role of visual marketing in promoting a brand's message and connecting with its audience.

Building Your Vision with Visual Marketing Pt 3

Videos: Your Key to Achieving Goals

  • Engagement: Video content is dynamic, visually stimulating, and allows for storytelling, making it more engaging than a simple text or spoken explanation. It keeps the viewer's attention by appealing to multiple senses at once.
  • Relatability: A video presentation can effectively convey emotions, experiences, or complex ideas through visual and auditory cues. It can make a subject matter feel more relatable, humanizing a brand or concept.
  • Retention: People tend to retain information better when it is presented visually and audibly, improving the effectiveness of the message or information being delivered. A memorable video can make a stronger impression and more lasting impact than a typical explanation.

Building Your Vision With Digital Marketing Pt 4

Ready To Give Video Marketing a Go?

We at Deep Sky are ready to team up with you. We specialize in making videos that grab people's attention and form lasting connections. Together, we'll combine great visuals, sound, and story to make a real impact. If you want your audience to have a memorable experience with your brand, get in touch with us. Let's get your brand out there together.

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