Beyond the Big Screen: Stadiums Modernize the Fan Experience with Video

How Stadiums And Arenas Are Utilizing LED Displays And Ribbon Boards For Live Events

In collaboration global sport areas and stadiums, we're pioneering a transformation in the sports viewing experience.

Together, we've integrated advanced LED ribbon board technology, creating custom graphics and entertainment, inside and outside the field.

By Courtney Courier
September 8, 2023

Case Study: Seattle Seahawks (Lumin Field)


Since the television, the appeal of on-screen sports have been inseparably intertwined with screens. Stadiums worldwide are taking things further, mesmerizing audiences with the LED ribbon boards. These vibrant stadium screens do more than just light up the field or court: they revolutionize what it means to be part of the crowd, transforming every cheer, gasp, and applause into a collective spectacle of tech-driven entertainment.

The core of this innovation lies in the LED display board technology. Ensuring vast stretches of the arena are covered with bright and vivid displays, the technology behind these boards guarantees clarity and brilliance. The pixel pitch LED wall ensures that the visuals remain sharp, even from the farthest seat in the stadium. With finely calibrated pixel pitch, spectators are provided a crisp view of advertisements, scores, and other media.

Accompanying the ribbon boards are the equally impressive LED stadium lights. These not only guarantee visibility during evening matches but are also energy-efficient and immensely powerful.

A notable instance of this integration is the Lumen Field renovation. Known for its dedication to providing fans with the best in-game experience, Lumen Field has recently made headlines with its new video boards. These boards, hailed as a significant upgrade, stand as a testament to the merging of cutting-edge technology with traditional sporting spirit.

When our PNW neighbor, the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, asked us to create not just to create an animation but to orchestrate an unforgettable in-game experience at Lumen Field for the 2022 season, we couldn’t wait to work with their new stadium tech. We weren't just thinking about graphics; we were strategizing on a new upgraded canvas, the latest LED ribbon board technology.

Drawing from the nostalgia of Plinko, our objective was layered: captivate Seahawks fans, reinforce the home field advantage, and weave in those PNW vibes. With the vibrant clarity of LED technology at our disposal, every pixel was an opportunity to create an experience for their audience.

Our Process:

  • Background Artistry: Working with the LED ribbon boards, our background artists created a painterly-esque mural, designed to transport viewers directly into the heart of Seattle.
  • 3D Modeling: Utilizing the concept art, our 3D team constructed detailed environments and props. These interactive components added depth and realism for the bouncing simulation.
  • 2D Animation: Our 2D animators created the PNW scape, adding movement to the background, ensuring a vibrant display on the pixel pitch LED walls.
  • Playable Board Development: Our backgrounds paid homage to Seattle while ensuring interactions between the game ball and surroundings were realistic and vivid on the LED displays.
  • Attention to Movement: Simulating the ball's journey on a plain 3D model ensured its trajectory felt natural, harmonizing with the narrative of the game.
  • Detailing & Effects: Given the varied surfaces, attention to detail ensured that every interaction felt genuine, with effects fully optimized for the clarity and brightness of the LED boards.

The recent Lumen Field renovation exemplifies the harmonious marriage between age-old tradition and modern innovation. Recognized for its commitment to enhancing the fan experience, the stadium's upgraded video boards effortlessly fuse the advancements of today's technology and true sportsmanship, crafting an in-stadium experience that's second to none.

At Deep Sky, we’ve long teamed up with stadiums and sports venues, such as the Oregon Ducks at the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium, the Charlotte Hornets’ Time Warner Cable Arena, and more. We love when we get to see people interact with our projects in real-time.

As arenas and stadiums continue to embrace innovations like the LED ribbon board, the line between sports and technology is becoming increasingly blurred, creating a unifying and immersive experience for fans worldwide.

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