App-ocalypse Now: Rebrands That Misfired Part 4

Bye, Bye, Blue Bird. Twitter Get’s a Logo Make-Over (or Under?)

Twitter (2023): A once familiar Twitter bluebird, perched on your iPhone screen has since shifted to now, a cold, black “X that does not mark the spot”. There is hope for us bird loving folk as Tom Morton, global chief strategy officer at ad agency R/GA, has commented, "Twitter's changing name and logo has nothing to do with user, advertiser, or market issues. It's a symbol that Twitter is Elon Musk's personal property." Maybe there is a bluebird waiting, but only time will tell with these new design trends.

Rebranding can be a tricky line to walk when working with your target audience. A customized logo, color palette, and even font, creates human connection while communicating digitally. It is through design, memory, connectivity, and experience that we are drawn to brands, apps, and digital outlets. Not every attempt in rebranding, seemingly “simple” as one would assume, lands the desired impact.

The shift to a clean gradient by Instagram, Firefox’s flame, and Twitter's startling metamorphosis into 'X', these are only a few brands that have ignited a flurry of digital critique, epitomizing the ongoing dance between progress and familiarity in our evolving digital culture.

At Deep Sky, we admire the creative ups and downs behind each rebranding effort, acknowledging that innovation sometimes creates discontent before it ushers in acceptance. With this, the dance (or beat) goes on, reminding us that the path to progress is as much about remembering our roots as it is about boldly venturing into the unknown.

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