App-ocalypse Now: Rebrands That Misfired Part 1

Consider the objects and routines that you hold dear. Picture them transforming, sometimes overnight, and the next morning, you're looking at something completely unfamiliar. For instance, that once comforting blue bird of Twitter has morphed into a stark, black 'X' icon on your iPhone, leaving you feeling a little lost. Change, while often a catalyst for progress, can sometimes do more harm than good when it jars our expectations.

We’re no strangers to rebrands here at Deep Sky. Brands need to maintain relevance and vibrancy in the ever-evolving market, and we’ve worked with many of our clients navigating this delicate time in a brand's identity. 

Looking back at our own journeys and the broader landscape of rebranding, we also acknowledge that not all changes inspire enthusiasm. Some, in fact, leave us feeling more drained than energized. Let's explore a few such rebrands that, while they aimed for inspiration, instead left us longing for the past.

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