Animation Breakdown - Big Wild's "OMGarden" Music Video - Part 4


We approached the character animation in a traditional manner. Actions and layouts were roughed in completely. Timing was important, because many of the actions are in time with the beat of the song. Once we had the tiedowns locked in, cleanup began.

For the chorus sections, we wanted the animation to be simple, yet engaging, where you could sit and watch the animation for hours on end, like a fireplace fire. Since the animation was to be looping for this section, multiple dance loops were made for the rabbits, especially Mopsy, as he is centralized. The other woodland creatures were also made with looping dances and placed around to populate the area. Having the environment in 3D made it much easier to rotate around and give us a view of the entire space. As objects would pass by in the foreground obstructing the view of the rabbits, we could swap out the loops and make it less repetitive.

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