Animated Music Video Breakdown Part 5 | Animation

Traditional Animation with 3D Dynamics

When diving into character animation, our approach was rooted in traditional methodologies. We started with the basics, sketching out rough actions and layouts. This provided a foundational blueprint for the entire animation sequence. A major factor guiding our animation was the song's beat, ensuring that each character movement resonated harmoniously with the rhythm. Once the rough animations, or 'tiedowns', felt right in sync with the music, we embarked on the cleanup process, refining and perfecting each frame.

For the pivotal chorus, we focused on simple, looping animations, reminiscent of a mesmerizing fireplace dance. Mopsy, our central figure, had distinct dance loops, complemented by surrounding woodland creatures with their own rhythmic movements. Incorporating a 3D environment added depth, enabling diverse viewing angles and providing flexibility to interchange dance loops, making the animation dynamic and less repetitive.

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