AEPDX’s “CG Effects in Stop Motion Animation” Event Recap - Part 2

AEPDX members showed up to create the largest event for the group in over 3.5 years. Although many familiar faces returned after joining for previous events like March’s “Animated Music Video Production”, more than 1/3 of the event’s attendees were at their very first AEPDX event. 

Steve’s presentation was built around his theories for why Portland is unique. Dating back to the 1800s, he talked about the entrepreneurial and creative spirits that were attracted to the area. These people formed what was one of the first art museums in the United States.

Moving into the 1900s, he cited tech companies like Electro Scientific Industries and Tektronix as early precursors to the creation of the Silicon Forest. The stage was being set for the integration of art and technology.

This innovation progressed into the early days of stop motion animation in Oregon, with Will Vinton and Bob Gardiner producing their short film “Closed Mondays” here. Once the word was out, the interest and investment came. LAIKA Studios was formed, and production began on their first feature film, Coraline.

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