AEPDX's Animated Music Video Production Recap - Part 4

Deep Sky

Representing Deep Sky as a whole was studio Creative Director Barret Thomson and 2D Animator Adam DiTerlizzi, two leads for the studio’s collaboration with Big Wild on the “OMGarden” music video.

Deep Sky is known for it’s cross-collaborative animation teams, having worked on a wide variety of projects like The Smashing Pumpkins’ In Ashes animated series, System of a Down’s “Genocidal Humanoidz” music video, and Superplastic’s virtual influencer social content for Janky, Guggimon, and Dayzee.

But tonight, they shared one of their most recent music video projects in Big Wild’s “OMGarden”. Big Wild kicked off the presentation by sharing Mopsy’s influence and inspiration for the video. Barret and Adam described how they thought the band’s vision would best align with a 2D/3D mixed media approach.

The Deep Sky team really opened up their production process for the audience, showing initial character concepts, storyboards, animatics, and the color key. Barret highlighted how he uses Gravity Sketch as a 3D pre-visualization tool to set up the forest grove scene in which a majority of the video is set. He sketches the scene in 3D using VR, which allows him to show the team exactly how the scene should be laid out.

Adam then detailed how all elements were brought together, including the 2D animated characters and 3D environments, before compositing and adding the final effects.

Ultimately, the real reward was seeing the video play live at Big Wild’s Portland show in late 2022. Thousands of screaming fans dancing around like a bunch of woodland rabbits was all the Deep Sky team needed to know the video was a success.

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