AEPDX's Animated Music Video Production Recap - Part 3

Mike Anderson

With deep experience in creating and developing TV shows, in addition to music videos, Mike brought a broad perspective to the panel.

Mike takes advantage of the freedom and smaller scale of music videos by using them as an opportunity to test concepts, just like he did with Junior Jack & Pat BDS’ “Tecky Dream” and Meg Myers’ “The Underground”.

Mike elaborated that music videos are a perfect testing ground to utilize techniques, tools, and pipelines, without needing to follow corporate brand guidelines or receive feedback from many stakeholders. Once he ironed out the issues on the music videos, he scaled each music video’s pipeline to fit the needs of TV.

His perseverance paid off when FXX and Adult Swim each put a show of his into production at the same time. Born from his highly recognizable character puppets and animations style, Mike got to work with his new partners producing FXX’s Good Morning Pickles and Adult Swim’s Hot Future.

Arguably his most exciting project to date is his upcoming self-produced pilot “Worm Party!”. Maintaining the visual style his fans know and love him for, Mike is utilizing the AI performance capture technology Plask to create an even more cost-effective concept.

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