AEPDX's Animated Music Video Production Recap - Part 2

John Robson

A self-described ‘basement mocap enthusiast’, John Robson’s journey from music video director to motion capture R&D lead grabbed everyone’s attention.

Beginning as a freelance director, John teamed up with some of the most well-known artists of the era, such as Gnarls Barkley and U2. He explained how he was accustomed to feedback from the production team and the artist, but when fans responded so viscerally to the band while in production, it added a whole new dimension of direction and pressure.

As John gained notoriety, he began experimenting with 3D animation styles, exploring things like photo-realistic character design, motion capture, and photogrammetry. This led him to projects like his award-winning short film Safety First and Autre Ne Veut’s “Okay” music video.

John capped off his presentation with the brand new music video for the Portland-based band Eyelids called “They Said So”, which utilized paper mache puppets to create the highly-unique look.

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